About Jodi Chall

Jodi Chall has worked at the intersection of music and technology for more than 20 years.  As an attorney, Ms. Chall is a highly respected music licensing expert who deeply understands all aspects of the business of music, from contracts to client representation.  She is passionate about improving the artist’s and writer’s experience, and continually explores valuable solutions for creators as they navigate the ever-changing music business landscape.

Ms. Chall has worked with TLR co-founder Cory Rooney for a number of years on his music and business matters.  Their partnership in TLR is born out of Cory’s vision and belief that the world still needs to hear from iconic artists and that these icons still have important work to share.  Ms. Chall’s expertise in contracts and licensing enables the label’s creative work to take root and grow exponentially, and enables its clients to focus on creating extraordinary art.

TLR Records’ Commitment to Artists

At TLR Records, Mr. Rooney is the creative force, while Ms. Chall handles all aspects of the business. However, don’t be fooled – creativity is at the heart of everything they do.

“I’ve always deeply admired creators, but I don’t believe they fully understand the importance of licensing and the impact it has on how their content is shared and the potential income it can generate. In fact, most artists fail to fully realize their value.”

Ms. Chall and Mr. Rooney are commited to changing the narrative.
“Cory and I work to ensure that all aspects of artists’ creations are well protected, including licensing, brand licensing and brand creation,” Ms. Chall said. “With my strengths in licensing and Cory’s strengths in world-class producer and songwriter and former record label executive, we offer all of our clients a full-service experience.”

Start-Up Mentality

Prior to her role at TLR, Jodi joined her mom and brother in a family-owned law firm and and with them co-founded a digital art licensing business in the early 2000s. She also partnered with music executive Les Borsai to launch one of the only female-led music sync licensing start-ups. In addition to her role at TLR Records, she serves as general counsel of a avatar-based virual worlds company.

“Mr. Rooney and I believe there is explosive potential working with iconic, world-class artists who are still touring, writing and recording new music, and we can’t wait to help them re-energize and expand their brands.”