New album GASMS

Smokey Robinson Performing on American Idol
Smokey Robinson on meeting Harry Belafonte, new album ‘Gasms’
Smokey Robinson performs 'If We Don't Have Each Other'

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Who is TLR Records?

TLR is Cory Rooney and Jodi Chall

TLR exists to work closely with celebrated artists of decades past. Its mission: to bring timeless messages from legends to modern audiences in ways that are new, but unmistakably theirs.

It’s not easy being a creative force for many decades. Some might think being an international star that’s sold millions of records or earned many awards shouldn’t need anything else. What those people forget is that creative people need to create. The ones we’ve chosen as our legends are more than simply the songs that made them famous.

Fame and success come in part from the magic of luck: being in the right place, at the right time, with the right materials and the right preparation. Once that time has passed, it’s difficult to recreate that magic. But with the right partners, these artists can create their own luck. TLR Records is that partner.


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